Friday, September 19, 2008


Hi! I had been to Taiwan for three days, and I came back to Japan today. I went to Taiwan with my grandmother. She is 68 years now, but is very tough. She likes traveling. She has been many countries all over the world. Although she can speak only Japanese, she doesn’t be afraid to travel to other countries. I respect her.
Compared to traveling to America, traveling to Taiwan was very easy, it took only 3 hours! On first day, we went to beauty salon, and gave Taiwanese style massage on my body and face. It was wonderful. My face is sleek now (maybe…). On second day, we went to a famous Taiwanese food restaurant, and ate shoronpo and shaomai. It tasted really good. I want to eat them again. Maybe, I will go to Yokohama soon, because I would like to eat them in Chinatown.
Anyway, I enjoyed my trip! I want to travel to somewhere again. Of course, Maryland is the best!!


tomoko said...

Hi! I have never been to Taiwan. So I envy you. My grandmother is lively, butforgetful. Please tell me about your trip next Monday and I'm looking forward to see you.

Nikki said...

Hello, Emily!
Sounds like you had a great time! Of all the places your grandmother has been, which is her favorite? Where, besides Maryland, is your favorite place to travel?

Nina Liakos said...

Hi Emily,
Did you take any pictures of the foods you ate in Taiwan? I don't know what they are. You are lucky to have visited another country--again!

When I visited China in 2004, I had 2 massages. Those Chinese massage therapists are wonderful!

A big hug from Maryland!

Ayumi said...

Your grandmother seems to be active!! Tell me about your trip and show me pictures of Taiwan!!

Also,I want to eat Chinese food, so let's go Yokohama with me!!