Saturday, August 16, 2008

I'm in Japan!

Yesterday, after long flight, we arrived at Narita Airport. It was very hot and wet day. I ate sushi for dinner. It was delicious! I drank Japanese green tea (not sweet!) Everything in Japan is wonderful! But…I miss America. Last two weeks were special. I had a very good time in Maryland and Washington, D.C. Nikki, Joe, Mike, Nina, and Heather, Thanks a lot! Thanks to you, we could have nice experiences. I’m proud of you and I love you!

And I want to say thank you to agu students for having fun with me. I could have a good time because you were very funny and kind. I want to see you soon!


Nina Liakos said...

Dear Emily,
I smiled to read that "Everything in Japan is wonderful!" There is no place like home! You are the fish who has been out of the water but has now returned to it. But I think you have come to appreciate the air also, and I hope to see you back in America before too long! :-)
It was a great 2 weeks, wasn't it!
Hugs from MD,

Nikki said...

i'm so glad you posted in your blog. I have your little towel. Would you like me to send it to you in Japan? If you would, email me your address.

RYOHEI said...

I miss American carbonated drinks!!

Hiromi said...

Hi, Emily.
I'm glad to hear that you came back to Japan safely, and enjoyed Japanese foods! It definitely was sad for you to be back here, but being able to eat Japanese foods here is awesome, don't you think?

Anyway, have fun with the rest of the vacation!

Saaya said...

Dear Emily,
It was a great time because you were my roommate!
You waked me up every-morning, thank you:-)
Thank you very much for everything!
I want to see you soon!

Joseph / Nosson said...

:-) Keep in touch.

Mike said...

Emily, thanks for coming to UMD, it was a pleasure to meet you. Hope you stay in touch with us and all the Aoyama students as well.